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Who would have thought that writing an article on relationship building strengths will be so hard for me? Since I have four of those in my top ten, I was convinced the task would be reasonably easy… As it turns out, – relationship building is not that obvious and simple. If it’s one of your natural talents and someone asks you “So how do you build your relationships?” you find yourself unable or, at the very least, struggling to give a step by step instruction right away. You just build them, right? However, as you can see, if you are reading this article – I finally managed and hope this text will be of use to all the other relationship builders out there.

Let’s have a look then how do those relation strengths help us in these hard times.

In general, relationship building strengths help us build long-lasting relationships and are responsible for holding all kinds of teams together. They are like interpersonal forces of attraction.

And how each of them works and how to effectively employ them? Let’s have a closer look.

#Adaptability – you like to live in the moment. You possess a unique talent for adapting to the prevailing conditions, and you don’t need to make big plans, because you know that life is full of surprises – you prefer to be ready for everything. You are likely doing great in current conditions. You may support others by sharing your methods of achieving accommodation. However, be prepared that not all will be able to apply the – people who tend to be very well organized might take much longer to adjust. On the other hand, make sure that you are not being taken advantage of because of your elasticity. Set boundaries in order to keep the level of predictability you are okay with.

#Connectedness – if it’s one of your strengths, then you most likely see the deeper meaning in all events. You are also able to see connections between seemingly unconnected coincidences. Your ways of living allow you to move beyond your own self-interests – you can see how your actions influence your closest environment and society. Seek methods of sharing this holistic mindset with others. You can support your coworkers by showing them connections between their talents, goals, and successes they achieve. When people believe what they are doing and feel a part of something more significant, it is easier for them to engage in various projects even in hard times – and you can help them achieve that.

#Developer – seeing the potential in others and helping them grow are both your natural talents and your passion. You can easily spot even the slightest progress and encourage more. You find it extremely hard to x somebody out, also when others see no chance of his or her further development. However, make sure that your involvement in other people’s development doesn’t interfere with your growth. You might find it helpful to find a mentor of sorts that will help you with your development. It will allow you to recognize the achievements of others and share your tips and observations even more effectively to help them achieve even more.

#Empathy – this strength allows you to see exactly how others feel and what they experience. Try to help your coworkers to be more aware of those of you who struggle in the current situation if you haven’t already. Bear in mind that most people lack your sensitivity and emotions of others aren’t as evident to them, as they are to you. Watch out for yourself when your empathy starts to overwhelm you. Accumulation of your own and others’ emotions can lead to emotional exhaustion. Follow or set the daily rituals that will help you take care of yourself after a day of work. They will soothe your mind and prevent out burning.

#Harmony – the person with this talent usually tries to reach a consensus, feels exceptionally uncomfortable should any conflict occur, and seeks to find areas where all parties can agree. It is a blessing to have a person like this besides when times get tough! Remember, however, not to avoid confrontation at all costs. Sometimes an argument is the only chance for you to voice your needs. Although the whole process might not be easy for you to try to appreciate honesty and emphasize the importance of open communication, if a conflict occurs during a group meeting invite everyone to voice their opinions – broader understanding might simplify the process of getting to the agreement. Remember that although in the short run reaching consensus by giving up on your needs is faster and seems more comfortable in the long term, it is neither productive nor healthy for you and everyone around.

#Includer – your superpower is accepting others. With your “sixth sense,” you notice those who are being left out and ask them to join. Very often, it is thanks to you that a group becomes a team. You can create space in which everyone feels welcome and can bring their unique value and talents to the table. Appreciating diversity and building with the use of it are your natural ways of functioning. It can even be not clear what others mean when they describe someone else as “hard to work with.” Your superpower will help you and others find a way to include and make use of everyone’s talents, even those often described as “hopeless.”

#Individualization – if you are fascinated with the uniqueness of each and every person, then you most likely possess this strength. I every group, or even crowd you can notice individuals with their own unique needs and values. You can easily adjust to different styles and cultures and intuitively personalize your approach for every person. It makes you happy when everyone feels appreciated and that he’s being treated exceptionally. Try to find and name what each member of your team does best and help them reach their full potential. Make this a value according to which you and your team will function.

#Positivity – this strength comes with enthusiasm that can best (but maybe not most, fortunately, given the times) described as contagious. It is also connected with the ability to “look on the bright side” and the tendency to get excited. You tend to be more energetic than others, and when the motivation of people around sinks low, your attitude can be the ignition spark they need. Beware not to act as if no hardships can get to you – others need to know that although you can find something good even in the worst situation, you are not naive. Share both your concerns and your reasons for optimism. Your positive attitude will have an even more significant impact once everyone else understands there are rational reasons for it. Especially now try to find ways of transforming small wins into remarkable events worth of a (remote) celebration.

#Relator – if it’s your talent, then deep relations with others are what’s essential for you. You can build them and maintain them, although the “recruitment process” for becoming your friend is long, and not everyone can get through it. You value the small circle of loyal friends rather than a large group of acquaintances. It might be the case that you don’t show the most important aspects of your personality until mutual trust is built. Make sure that people around you know that you care more about their character and personality than about their status or job-pose. Shallow, lacking honesty relationships can be especially hard for you, so if you miss your close ones, try calling or video chatting regularly – those relations are your fuel.

And that is basically how our relationship building strengths help the world in these hard times. If you liked this article, please make sure to share it, and if it caused some thoughts or you have your own experience to share, please don’t forget to comment.

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