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My offer for teams

team talent review

a consulting service for directors, managers and team leaders to support them in  recognizing and managing high potentials and talents in their team.


Team Talent Review contains:

  • Team analyze with manager – discussion about  common behaviors, attitudes, shared values and beliefs, connections between a team and other business units, the role of the team in reference to the whole organization and its business strategy;
  • Team members analyze with manager from the perspective of their potential, talents, developmental areas, needs and requirements;
  • Team Strengthsfinder Profile – talent diagnose through Gallup Institute tool;
  • Team Strategy – goal setting and identifying new tactics and strategies for managing high potentials and enhancing team members’ talents development.


Strength Based team coaching

an interactive workshop and team coaching based on team profile Strengthsfinder tool.


During the coaching session/s we will:

  • Discuss talents – what are they? What they might bring to life and business? 
  • Go through talent team profile and focus on top strengths of each team member;
  • Share our experience about collaboration and communication in team;
  • Consider how to take advantage of talent diversity in the team, how to better understand each other in reference to an individual’s strengths profile.


A workshop will be conducted regarding to Gallup Institute method and tools and also to team coaching and facilitation model rules.