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It will be the last article about strengths in the time of plague and forced remote work. This time we will focus on strategic strengths. I’d like to say that I saved this group until the very end because of some kind of long-run plans or strategies… But the truth is I have only one strategic talent in my “top 10”. And it’s the tenth. However, it also means that I can describe them without any kind of bias, with very reliable admiration of their “magic”.

The essence of strategic strengths is intellectual processes. Depending on the talent, these processes may vary – it can be: drawing conclusions from what was before, observing current trends to create future, analyzing or organizing data, seeking and collecting information, creative thinking about ideas and strategies, or describing a phenomenon in most precise ways.
Let’s have a closer look at each of them;

#Analytical – you tend to look for reasons and causes for everything you see. You love data and everything it can tell you – of course, based on thorough analysis. You can’t stand statements or theses that are not supported by facts. You may often be upset with the credulity of those who believe everything they read or cannot name sources of their theories. In this day and age, given the number of pandemics-related data and the appearance of many ideas trying to describe it, your strength is more important than ever, especially for those who lack similar skills. Share your reliable sources of data and information but respect the fact that not everyone shares your data-hunger and that others’ feelings and intuition are also sources of information, even though not so objective as you would prefer it. Bear in mind that your skepticism and need to verify sources and find proof can be hard to understand and accept for others in your team – make sure that your lack of trust is directed at data and not people.

#Context – this is a talent that allows you to look back into the past. If it’s one of your strengths, you can understand and explain the current situation through previous events that shaped it. It is very natural for you to notice recurring schemes and perceive what is now in a broader context. Your ability to gain knowledge from the past can help those in your environment build new effective strategies for the future. Become the source of knowledge about the effectiveness of your team. Share your conclusions and observations to get rid of what’s unnecessary to increase your efficiency even further.

#Futuristic – Those who possess this strength are inspired by the future and everything that can happen. They often create different scenarios for the future. This unique skill is essential in current reality full of unpredictability – if it’s your strength, you can see the future no matter current hardships and challenges. Even in isolation, try to maintain contact with your
colleagues and present them with your ideas and projects. Bear in mind that some of your plans and visions can be too abstract or extravagant for your coworkers. Be ready to explain your perspective using visualizations, step-by-step procedures, and metaphors to make what you propose more understandable.

#Ideation – if it’s your strength, you are fascinated with concepts and ideas. You find joy in looking for new purposes for existing objects or invent new machines that would have some unique possibilities. Your thoughts and unconventional thinking are essential resources. Pay attention to conditions in which you tend to get the best ideas. What fuels your creativity? Long walks, the time you spend alone, chat with your coworkers, or maybe reading a book? Try to recreate these conditions as much as it’s possible to stimulate your brain for new revelations. Since you might be one of those who get quickly bored with recurring schemes, remote work can be especially hard for you. Try to make small changes in your day to day life to encourage your brain to create even better ideas. Your ideation needs its’ “food” – read, look for new data, and maintain contact with inspiring people and transform it all into new concepts.

#Input – if you have this talent, you often want to know more, or maybe you already know a lot. And you tend to share this knowledge with others eagerly. Your brain quickly collects new data and pieces of info, creating your intellectual databases. If possible, try to organize virtual sessions with “good practices” and share your interests, efficient processes, and useful comparisons with your teammates and others interested. Your natural skill to add structure to information surrounding you is a valuable resource for you and the people around you both in private and business environments.

#Intellection – this talent needs time to think about and understand things it finds interesting. Time alone and time spent on intellectual disputes with others who similarly value the power of thinking are some of the greatest joys for those who possess it. If it’s your talent, then remote working gave you more time for intellectual reasoning and thinking through
concepts for which you lacked time before. You might be one of those who are not happy with the “back to normal” with its’ growing pace and more intense social interactions. Make your wellbeing a priority in the transitional period – find time for reflections and observe what is and what’s not right for you, your team, and your loved ones. Since many people are
very excited about the return of social interactions, you should voice your need for some peaceful time to avoid overload and frustration.

#Learner – if this is your talent, you see each situation as a possible chance to learn something new and every change (even major) to grow. Remember that although you feel excited about all the significant changes around us, others might feel lost and overwhelmed. Your attitude and joy of learning can be inspiring for them – your hunger for the new can be very motivating. Share with others what book you are currently reading or what on-line course you started to kill the time you save not commuting to your workplace.

#Strategic – this talent is one of the most creative ones (alongside ideation). People with this strength love to create new action scenarios and innovative solutions for difficult situations. It will (and most likely already has) proved itself during pandemics, when no one can be certain how the situation will escalate. Try to join various think tanks and or creative groups
where it will be possible for you to employ your natural talent. While some people and some firms are overwhelmed with the number of unknowns about the future, you and your attitude can be a real blessing for them by providing them with the sense of security they need.

My final thoughts on this series of articles are that the strategic strengths are probably the ones doing best in this day and age because they gain time and space to think and rethink concepts or strategies. However, since I’m not exactly the person you would call a strategic prodigy, I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with remote working.

And if you haven’t yet verified your talents with Strengthfinder or you would like to know more about how to employ your natural predispositions effectively, please contact me via email on aleksandra@jopyk.com

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