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My offer for individuals

Strength based career coaching

individual business coaching based on Gallup Institute Clifton Strengths questionnaire.


During the coaching sessions we will:

  • Discover your talents – what are they? What they already  bring to your life? Discuss how could you use your talents in business context? How could you manage some blindspots of your natural predispositions?
  • Together establish how you can further develop your talents into strengths, and how you can intentionally build your success on them
  • Work on your specific topic or area where you would like to invest your strengths. 

I’m a certified Strength Coach so each session will be conducted according to the Gallup Institute method. 

Strength Based Leadership

individual leadership development process for managers who want to achieve more in line with their values and talents in business.


I will invite you to:

  • Discover your potential – strengths, assets, predispositions, values and beliefs;
  • Define your current leadership style from your own and your team perspective;
  • Specify your aspirational leadership style – your dream scenario; 
  • Set the goals and desired results; 
  • Make a realistic plan including time-scheduled actions 
  • Create a plan B and  your very own supportive team to create a growth environment and guidance for difficult times.

Set up for success 

an individual developmental process for managers, leaders and specialists in their new role.


Working together we will:

  • Discover your strengths, predispositions, talents and also a developmental areas;
  • Clarify your business aspirations;
  • Set appropriate goals and specify the results
  • Chart a course to your business success (growth action plan);
  • Do a simple, judgement-free regular improvements reviews which could help you to stay on track.

During these sessions I will use different developmental methods (coaching, mentoring, counseling) and tools (questionnaires, psychometric tests, Strength based tools from Gallup Institute). All of which I have tested in a business context, so I know what they can add to the process. But „the greatest tool” for me is an open and honest conversation with You.

mentoring for hr, hr bp, HR managers

a developmental talk focused on You, Your potential, Your challenges and Your desired achievements. 


More than 16 years of working as an HR specialist, manager and HR Business Partner taught  me how much more  difficult and demanding a „business support” role is becoming.


Through mentoring session I wish to share my business experience which includes both – HR projects successes as well as failures, which taught me a lot. I will listen to You, ask You questions to assist You in Your growth.